Meet the 2022 Stipendium Hungaricum Excellence awardees – Barak Wolnerman

September 11th, 2023

Meet the 2022 Stipendium Hungaricum Excellence awardees – Barak Wolnerman

September 11th, 2023

The Award of Excellence is given to those Scholarship Holders who have achieved the most outstanding academic performance and contributed to the development of the Stipendium Hungaricum community. Check out our interview with Barak from Israel!

The award was presented by Miklós Lengyel, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Check out our interview with Barak, who studies Veterinary Medicine DVM at the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest and listen to his perspectives on the program and his experiences in Hungary.

What made you chose Hungary? What are your impressions so far?

My choices were either Brno in the Czech Republic or Budapest. I decided Budapest would be a much more central place both culturally and geographically. This would allow me to get to and from home more easily and chance of having friends come to visit. I have enjoyed living in Budapest, it’s a vibrant city always with events and movement.

What do you think about your university and your study program?

Though it is hard to compare to other veterinary universities, I think my university offers a very good program for future vets. The international community is fantastic, you learn so much about classmates, their culture, character, and off course study methods.

What made you apply for the SH scholarship?

In the end, it comes down to costs. Being a fulltime student in the medical field is demanding enough to incorporate part time job to sustain yourself. Living abroad, with all the costs included, makes is no easier. I applied because I knew having the SH scholarship will allow me to have the free mindset to focus 100% on my studies instead of dividing it on working. Having more time to focus on studying also enabled me to take part in extra courses my university offers.

What is your biggest professional/scientific achievement that is related to SH?

As I mentioned, the scholarship has given me the option to take part in further programs and courses, one of which was my thesis research. I had the opportunity and available time to focus on presenting it as part of the TDK scientific conference (Tudományos Diákköri Konferencia) on an anatomical subject I was very interested in. I was ranked in the top 10 presentations and importantly, I could share my achievement with my family too who sit in the audience.

What would you advice for those who are planning to apply for the SH scholarship?

First off, I think they should definitely apply! The SH scholarship can be such a helpful tool and open future options for people who may not have those options with their given circumstances. I would also advice on getting acquainted beforehand with the Hungarian culture beforehand, I think the best way to get more settled more easily in a new country is to know how people talk, act, and interact.

Author: Damilia Arzybekova, International Alumni Volunteer