Sending Partners and Available Study Programmes

The programme is based on bilateral educational cooperation agreements signed between the Ministries responsible for education in the sending countries/territories and Hungary or between institutions. Currently nearly 70 Sending Partners are engaged in the programme on 5 different continents, and the geographical scope of the programme is spreading each year.

Applicants are eligible to apply for scholarship types and study fields determined in the educational cooperation programmes in effect between Hungary and the specific Sending Partner.

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country or partner/region

Please select country or partner/region

Host Institutions and Institutional Programme Coordinators

On these levels, 27 Hungarian higher education institutions are engaged in the Stipendium Hungaricum Programme for the 2020/2021 academic year with more than 350 study programmes in foreign languages (more than 300 of them in English). Study programmes are generally available in the English and Hungarian languages, with some programmes offered in German and French as well.

The full list of available study programmes and host institutions is accessible on the Study Finder section of our website. Please note that only these study programmes can be applied for.

Institutional Stipendium Hungaricum Coordinators

Mr. István Kővári

cc. to Mrs. Krisztina Kardos-Varga
+ 36 1 469 6600/6758
+36 1 469 6600/6759

Mr. Gergely L. Vigh

cc to Ms. Sarolta Kóbori
+36 1 463 2262

Mr. Andor Pajrok
+36 79 524 624 (m: 2208)

Ms. Luca Lafferton

and Ms. Anna Rudolf

Ms Csilla Sebők

Tőrös – Vig Fruzsina

+36 (1) 354 16 42

(+36-1) 666-2529

Mr. Gyula Sümeghy

and Ms Nikolett Csorvási

Mrs. Zsuzsanna Szarkáné Szabó

and Ms. Antónia Kováts Dr.

Ms. Anna Júlia Ferenczy

and Ms. Judit Fekete

Ms. Márta Mészáros
+36 96 503 418

Ms. Csilla Kánai
+36 28 522 000/1014

Dr. Attila Jenei

contact person for students:
Ms. Mária Tóth 
(medical programmes)

Ms. Annamária Rácz, Ms. Lilla Fónai
(non-medial programmes)

contact e-mail for students:
+36 52 258 046
(medical programmes)
+36 52 512 900 /62416
(non-medical, Bachelor programmes)
+36 52 512 900 /58048
(non-medical, Master, PhD studies)

Ms. Katalin Gyöngyössy

cc to Ms Kitti Szabó (

Ms. Krisztina Sándor

cc to Ms. Nikolett Tóth,

Ms. Henriett Tóth,

Mrs. Katalin Csiréné Gergely

Ms. Éva Dudás
+36 30 269 9049

Ms. Madléna Albert

Mr. Benjámin Tompai

and Ms. Tímea Rab

Dr. Tibor L. Alpár 
Vice Rector for Research and International Relations / Vice Rector’s Office for Research and International Relations

Contact person for students:
Ms. Márta Sándor

and Ms. Barbara Lakatos 

cc to

Contact for students:

Ms. Barbara Lakatos: 

Ms. Vera Tolvaj: (BSc and MSc in Timber Industry Engineering / PhD in Wood Sciences and Technologies)
Tel: +36 99 518 616

Ms. Krisztina Somos: (BA and MA in Economics / Tourism and Catering / PhD in Economics and Management)
Tel: +36 99 518 120

Mr. Ferenc Facskó: (PhD in Forestry and Wildlife Management Sciences)
Tel: +36 99 518 258

Ms. Annamária Szécsi

Ms. Leona Jerney Dr.

Ms. Laura Makhajda

Ms. Diana Katsidis