What to do in winter Hungary

January 25th, 2024

What to do in winter Hungary

January 25th, 2024

Are you finished with all your exams and looking for some inspiration on how to spend your time before the next semester kicks in? Read our collection and make the most of your wintertime in Hungary!

It’s time to slow down

In winter, even nature is taking a break. So should you too! The study period is all about to-do lists, productivity, and efficiency. We recommend taking a break before the next semester starts. There are plenty of ways to slow down and turn inwards. You can take long walks, start meditating, or summarizing your thoughts by writing a gratitude journal about your past and upcoming year. In case you want to check out a free booklet made by Hungarians, we suggest using YearCompass.

Warm up in a spa

Archaeological evidence suggests that the beneficial effects of the thermal waters of Hungary have been used since at least ancient Roman times. To get away from the world’s noise treat yourself in a beautiful thermal spa! Budapest is often called the City of Spas with over a dozen thermal baths. If you wish to visit a less touristy spot, we recommend Dandár Bath or Veli Bej Bath. In case you live in the countryside or thinking about doing a daytrip, Miskolctapolca lake cave or Lake Hévíz are also worth visiting.

Ice skating

Ice skating is a classic European winter activity. From the beginning of December until the end of February, you can find many exceptional rinks all around the country. Besides the iconic venues of Budapest, there are some hidden gems in the countryside as well. If you get hungry from all the skating, you can grab a bite of lángos, kürtöskalács or roasted chestnuts in the gastro corner. If you do not have your own ice skates, don’t worry, usually you can rent them near the rinks.

Visit Lake Balaton

Of course, in sub-zero degrees, it’s not the beach that most people dream about. Luckily, there are many more things Balaton can provide us during winter as well. There are many beautiful towns in the region – like Veszprém and Balatonfüred – waiting for you to discover its patisseries and wineries. In case the weather is not too cold, and you wish to stay active, it is also worth checking out the local hiking routes, for example, the Basalt Organs Trail of Szent György Hill.

Indoor programs in the capital

If you don’t fancy cold weather and you want to stay indoors, it is an ideal time to visit museums and learn about Hungarian culture, art, and history. The Hungarian National Gallery has the greatest public collection of fine arts in Hungary but the Hungarian National Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts , and the Museum of Ethnography definitely make this list, too. For more advice and discounts download the ÉnBudapestem app.

Many say that January and February are the saddest times of the year. It’s dark and cold, you don’t feel like going outside, and spring is a long way off. However, if you look around, there are plenty of activities to choose from. We suggest that you use this time of year to relax and recharge from the past.