The ultimate compass to your Hungarian journey

February 22nd, 2024

The ultimate compass to your Hungarian journey

Do you need some guidance to navigate in Hungary? Whether you are a prospective or a current Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holder, an applicant, or an alumnus, our ultimate guide contains all the information you need for your new adventure in Hungary.

Why should I study in Hungary? Where is it located? How is the weather there? Do I need a visa? What does everyday life cost? What is the application process? Do I get a student ID? What about the language? These are only a few of those million questions that are on your mind if you are planning to study in a new country or if you are already studying there. This User Guide will clear things up!

I am considering embarking on a new study adventure

If you are before your decision and you are thinking of studying in Hungary in the future, you will find interesting facts and stories about the country and you can also read about our universities, available study programmes, or the application for the prestigious Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship.

I am already enjoying student life in Hungary

Are you already studying in Hungary? The User’s Guide provides you with practical information such as the cost of living, healthcare, or the use of public transport. You can also learn about Hungarian culture, cuisine, and language, and we also equip you with a Hungarian dictionary containing the most necessary words and expressions, so you will surely find your way in everyday situations.

I am already finished  my studies but want to stay in touch

If you are graduating shortly or you have already finished your studies in Hungary, you will find further opportunities for your academic or professional path and options to stay in touch as an alumnus.

This guide will help you throughout your Hungarian journey, so download it, and look it up every time you need it!