Hungary at a glance – Famous sites and attractions in Budapest!

April 22nd, 2021

Hungary at a glance – Famous sites and attractions in Budapest!

Staying true to its mission of introducing international students to the culture, history, cuisine and landmarks of Hungary, the Stipendium Hungaricum Mentor Network has launched an educational video series covering nearly all aspects of the nation.

The episodes airing weekly on the network’s YouTube channel are the base material for an ongoing online quiz available on with valuable and fun prizes to win at the end. The playlist now consisting of 17 episodes is expected to grow to a sizable 40 episodes covering Hungary with a voice-over from Dávid Kiss, the tourism coordinator of the network and breath-taking images showing the country’s charm and beauty.

In the third episode of the video series, you can get details about the most famous sites in Budapest. First, you start your journey at the Buda side where you can learn about such attractions as the Buda Palace or the Gellért Hill. Continuing your online walk through historic bridges like the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, you can also visit the Parliament, the Andrássy Avenue and the State Opera House. Budapest has many great spas like Rudas Thermal Bath and it has one of the oldest city parks in the world. Check out the video below and mark various places on your map to visit the Queen of Danube!


Source of the image: Unsplash: Yanny Mischuk